Entering Grades 10-12 in fall 2019

April 26 –April 28, 2019

Leaders in Training Weekend is a program for teens comprised of creative workshops, targeted self-reflection, and experiential education activities designed to teach leadership, team-building, and communication skills. Come hang out with other teens with diabetes! Attendance at Leaders in Training Weekend is a prerequisite for applying to be a Counselor in Training for summer camp (grades 10-12). 

In 2007, Camp Leo launched the Leaders in Training (LIT) program, implementing a new approach to meeting the needs of teens with diabetes. All teens with diabetes entering grades 10-12 the following fall are invited to attend. Participants are supported in learning leadership skills in a safe environment. The creative problem-solving, listening, and communication skills taught by the program can be used year-round by the participants to improve their interpersonal skills, academic performance, and community leadership. The LIT program has three main goals:

  1. To guide teens with diabetes in learning the value of service and developing the skills, knowledge, and understanding necessary to be strong leaders both at camp and in their communities at home.

  2. To improve and increase the training level of our camp staff and leadership, creating a culture that values the friendship, physical and emotional safety, and the leadership qualities that we strive for at camp. We teach our young leaders to comport themselves as role models.

  3. To help support teens as they transition to increased self-reliance in their diabetes management.

Our LIT program focuses on learning how to live independently and responsibly with diabetes. We seek to teach teens not only how to become leaders at camp, but also in their own communities, schools, and peer groups.

Campers entering grades 10-12 who attend the LIT weekend in the spring are eligible to apply to be a Counselor in Training (CIT).

Who are Leaders in Training (LITs)?

LITs are campers entering 10th through 12th grade who choose to attend the Leaders in Training Weekend in the Spring.

Who can become a Counselor in Training (CIT)?

To become a CIT you must be a person with diabetes and entering grades 10-12. This includes individuals who have come to camp in the past as well as those who are new to camp. To apply you must attend the Leadership Training Weekend and fill out an application. CITs will be selected from this pool of applicants and informed whether they were selected after LIT weekend. Participation in LIT weekend does not guarantee a CIT position. We make decisions based on the skills we see revealed and developed during LIT Weekend, and we try to make room at camp for as many CITs as possible. If you are not selected please remember that you can always attend high school camp or apply again the following year.

What do CITs do at camp?

CITs are partnered with a cabin, learning leadership techniques from the cabin counselors and medical staff. Becoming a CIT is a great way to give back to the Camp Leo community and begin your path to camp leadership!

Leaders in Training Weekend Fee

$220 plus a $50 registration fee We believe no one should be denied a camp experience due to lack of funds. Financial assistance is available and can be applied for during the registration process. Partial and full scholarships are awarded based on financial need, which is calculated by family size and adjusted gross family income compared to federal poverty guidelines.

LIT Weekend activities