Camp Leo was established by healthcare professionals in 1990 to help support children living with Type 1 Diabetes. The three founders of Camp Leo are Marcia Madsen Miller (ARNP, CDE) Jan Weatherly (RN, CDE), and Carol Malcolm (RN). Two of the three founders live with Type 1.

Camp Leo has changed in structure many times over the years. “Junior” and “Senior” camp sessions serving Elementary and Middle School campers were held either separately or concurrently for most of Camp Leo’s history. The Leaders in Training (LIT) program was developed in 2007 to help transition graduating campers into leadership roles at camp. In 2013 Camp Leo held its first high school camp to meet the growing need for teen programming. In 2013 Camp Leo hired its first paid employee, Theresa Klaassen, as executive director. In 2016, we held our first Family Camp Program, effectively extending Camp Leo programs to support people with diabetes from diagnosis onward.

Camp Leo has been held at several locations throughout it's history:

  • Black Lake Bible Camp in Thurston County (1989-1992)

  • Buck Creek Camp in Pierce County (1992-2004)

  • Panhandle Lake 4-H Camp in Mason County (2005-2011)

  • Return to Buck Creek Camp, currently owned and managed by Black Diamond Camps (2012-Present)

Important People in our Journey