At Camp Leo, we are determined to keep camp affordable for all.

We have never turned a family away due to an inability to pay. With your help, we hope we never will.

Why do we do it? We are stronger together. We care, and clearly you do too. Type 1 Diabetes doesn't offer a vacation or time off, it is all day, every day, as many of you know but it gts a little bit easier when you get to do this life with T1D with other people who understand.

Nearly 60% of our campers need partial or full scholarships in order to come to camp. We believe no child should miss out on camp because of a financial hardship. Your gift helps Camp Leo provide camperships to families in need of assistance so their child(ren) have the opportunity to spend time with their peers at camp. At camp these kids are just kids, they have T1D but so does everyone else.

So please, get involved, we love people who care! Checkout the information below for more details and thank you for all you do to support getting kids to camp!

Camp Leo has two new wish lists on Amazon. We have a program and Medical supply wishlist. By shopping these lists you will be providing fun actitives and supplies we might not otherwise have at camp and allowing current funds to go toward other necessary costs.

All wish list donations are tax deductable.

Our PARTNERS make camp leo possible

Camp Leo is honored to work with a handful of influential companies, diabetes organizations, and generous individuals. 

Visit the following links to see who supports what we do — we encourage you to support them as well!

Interested in sponsoring a camper or a program? We'd love to chat with you about opportunities. Click below to email with our Executive Director:


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