At Camp Leo, we are determined to keep camp affordable for all.

We have never turned a family away due to an inability to pay. With your help, we hope we never will.

More than 60% of our campers needed partial or full scholarships in order to come to camp. We believe the opportunity to feel accepted and included in this community should not come at an impossible price. Your gift helps Camp Leo provide scholarships to families that cannot afford this great summer experience for their children, and keeps camp affordable for all families.

Why do we do it? Because we care, and clearly you do too. We care about the children that will grow up with this disease and will deal with it every single day until the cure. We understand that the stronger their community is and the more support they have today, the better off they’ll be in the future.

So please, get involved, we love people who care! Checkout the information below for more details and thank you for all you do to ensure these children have the most amazing year of camp EVER!


AUGUST 2018 UPDATE: It’s apple sale time again and the opportunity to make money towards your camper’s camp tuition and towards our scholarship fund to assist others in being able to attend Camp Leo. You take orders for the apples from your friends, co-workers, family and neighbors for $40 per box. Collect money (cash or check made out to Camp Leo for Children with Diabetes) and bring it to turn in on Pick-Up Day. Let us know by September 30th how many boxes you will need.

The FUJI APPLES are delivered fresh from the packing house in mid-October. . Then you deliver them to your customers and enjoy their reaction when they receive this big, beautiful box of apples! Our pick-up day will be in mid-October.

Camp Leo pays $30 per box for the apples, so you make $10 profit per box.

Fuji Apples $40 for a 40 pound box Our cost: $30 Profit to camper: $10 per box Order by September 30th

What could be easier? A great product, at a great price, for a great cause! If you sell 60 boxes that would fund a young child to Camp Leo next summer.

Below are several forms to help promote and track your apples sales. Thank you for your support of Camp Leo!

Our PARTNERS make camp leo possible

Camp Leo is honored to work with a handful of influential companies, diabetes organizations, and generous individuals. 

Visit the following links to see who supports what we do — we encourage you to support them as well!

Interested in sponsoring a camper or a program? We'd love to chat with you about opportunities. Click below to email with our Executive Director:


$20,000 or more



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