Earn Your Way To 2020 Programs, Or Fund Others In Need

Fall means back to school, football, and of course, Washington apple season! That means it's also time for the Camp Leo + ConnecT1D apple sales program. This year's program offers some exciting changes that we think will make this the best ever year to sell apples.

One of the exciting changes is that this year sellers can earn credit towards even more 2020 camps. In addition to earning credit towards our 2020 summer camp, sellers can also earn credit towards fees for our 2020 Adult Retreat as well as 2020 Family Camp. There is also the opportunity for anyone to sell apples (even those not attending camp) with proceeds going to support the general scholarship fund.

In addition, we are excited to be able to go back to our old apple grower for this year's program, who provides us with the most delicious Washington Fuji apples. So you know the quality will be the best, all the way through in every box!

HERE'S HOW IT WORKS. You take orders for the apples - a 40 pound box! - from your friends, co-workers, family and neighbors for $40 per box. Sell through October 19 and then turn in your numbers to us at . Collect money (cash or check made out to Camp Leo + ConnecT1D) and bring it to turn in on pick-up day.

The apples are delivered from the packing house in early November, and you pick them at the Thurston County Food Bank Warehouse (specific pick-up day to be announced soon). Then you deliver them to your customers and enjoy their reaction when they receive this big, beautiful box of apples!

Camp Leo + ConnecT1D pays $30 per box for the apples, so sellers earn $10 profit per box. The $10 per box goes towards supporting camp fees for 2020 programs, or to our general scholarship fund to help others attend programs.

What could be easier? A great product, at a great price, for a great cause!

To participate, just start selling apples today, and be sure to keep track of your sales and funds collected. An Apple Information and Tally Form for you to keep track of your sales, and an Apple Sales Flier to help promote your sales, are available for your use by clicking the links below:

Apple Tally Form

Apple Sales Flyer

Call or email us if you have any questions at -- and remember to place your order by October 19.