Camp Leo is the ONLY overnight camp in Western Washington exclusively dedicated to children with Type 1 Diabetes.

Why does that make us special? Well, we have years and years of experience working with diabetes, and many of our staff have diabetes themselves. We know on a first-hand basis how difficult it can be growing up with a disease that sometimes separates us. It can be really hard to find a community to help kids and young adults develop and overcome the challenges of living with diabetes. Camp Leo is an oasis for hundreds of children every summer where they can forget about what seperates them--not because we pretend diabetes doesn’t exist, but because everyone in the camp community shares in their experiences. At camp, diabetes becomes the NORM, not the EXCEPTION! We work hard at camp to create a safe and secure environment where campers can have a blast, meet others with diabetes, learn about their disease, and gain independence essential for living a healthy and happy life.

Our summer camp sessions are held at Black Diamond Camp at Rainier, approximately 45 miles east of Enumclaw, Washington. This beautiful mountain atmosphere offers a variety of recreational activities such as swimming, hiking, archery, field games, zip lining and rock wall climbing. Camp Leo also offers traditional camping activities such as singing, crafts, cabin skits, campfire, and special themed meals. We know that diabetes effects the whole family, so in 2016 we began offering a Family Camp Program. Activities include educational seminars and breakout sessions for adults, fun and educational activities for kids, and recreation and relaxation for the whole family.

Come share this journey with us. We promise that you will have experience of significance and leave with memories and relationships that will last a lifetime.



Camp Leo is dedicated to enriching the lives of those affected by Type 1 Diabetes through programs that inspire, empower, educate, and promote community. Our vision is that every person with Type 1 Diabetes is empowered to live life to their fullest potential.





  • Operating a safe camp environment.
  • Providing medically sound healthcare and diabetes management  techniques and practices to all individuals at camp.
  • That each staff person and child with diabetes learns the skills necessary to achieve good diabetes management.
  • Provide an opportunity to people with diabetes to feel like the norm rather than the exception.
  • Collaboratively create a positive and unique experience for all campers and staff
  • Give opportunities to all participants to develop new skills, improve leadership, build self-esteem, and contribute in a meaningful way to serving their community
  • Provide access to Camp Leo programs to any family affected by diabetes, regardless of their financial situation.